Michael Fester

Building Motif. I previously co-founded Snips, building privacy-respecting voice recognition technology. We got acquired by Sonos. Prior to that, I created 8pen, a new way to write on mobile devices which draws inspiration from handwriting.




A fast and natural input method for touch devices.


Create quilts of your favorite artists.


A next-word prediction engine for Python and C++.


Generate natural 8pen doodles.


Chrome extension adding keyboard shortcuts to close tabs.


Concept video for a mesh network of AI assistants. With Dok.


Syncing text files between browser and disk using Yjs and the File System Access API

The content you create should not be tied to the tool you use to create it. Software applications should, whenever possible, push for freeing their data, and make it available for other applications to use as well, without vendor lock-in.

Is there a natural way to write on small devices?

Whenever we have an idea or a random thought, we reach out for pen and paper. This is often the fastest and easiest way to take a note. We enjoy handwriting because it is natural. So one may ask: is there a natural way to write on small digital devices?

Ramification Theory

My Part III essay at Cambridge, where I present a theorem of Tate which relates p-adic representations with a "Hodge-Tate decomposition" to "locally algebraic" ones.

Higher Norm Fields

A short note on the connection between Scholl's strictly deeply ramified towers and Fontaine-Wintenberger's arithmetically profinite extensions, in the general case of local fields with imperfect residue fields, using the ramification filtration of Abbès and Saito.


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