Hi, I'm Michael

I co-founded Snips, building privacy-respecting voice recognition technology. We got acquired by Sonos in November 2019. Prior to that, I created 8pen, a new way to write on mobile devices which draws inspiration from handwriting.



A fast and natural input method for touch devices.


Create quilts of your favorite artists.


A next-word prediction engine for Python and C++.


Generate natural 8pen doodles.


Chrome extension adding keyboard shortcuts to close tabs.


Concept video for a mesh network of AI assistants. With Dok.


Is there a natural way to write on small devices?

Whenever we have an idea or a random thought, we reach out for pen and paper. This is often the fastest and easiest way to take a note. We enjoy handwriting because it is natural. So one may ask: is there a natural way to write on small digital devices?

Ramification Theory

My Part III essay at Cambridge, where I present a theorem of Tate which relates p-adic representations with a "Hodge-Tate decomposition" to "locally algebraic" ones.

Higher Norm Fields

A short note on the connection between Scholl's strictly deeply ramified towers and Fontaine-Wintenberger's arithmetically profinite extensions, in the general case of local fields with imperfect residue fields, using the ramification filtration of Abbès and Saito.


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